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Caroline Glawe

wedding officiant

Ain’t Love Grand? My heart grins from ear to ear taking in the radiant glow of love stories. Essentially, that is what our first meeting will be. You telling me about your first meeting, first date, first kiss, first fight, first apology, first time meeting the family, first fishing trip, first Thanksgiving, first adventure, first uttering of those three weighty words ~ I. Love. You. Stories weaved together bringing you to where you are today, a veritable quilt of love wrapped around you that you can never imagine shedding. I take these romantic snapshots from our first meeting and write a personalized ceremony, a love letter, if you will, that captures your love and commitment to each other.

My name is Caroline. I am a writer, a dreamer, a poet, a believer in life and true love, a humorist with a big, kind heart and a constant, genuine smile. And I love Love. Weddings gather those who are closest to you in a unique, one of a kind celebration of head-over-heels love. Whether 400 guests or 4, you will return to your nuptials again and again as you remember one of the most important days in your life. I’ll help make certain that it is everything you wish for, and more.

loey colebeck

wedding officiant

se habla espanol 

Officiating a wedding is a translation of love on so many levels.  I work with couples in discovering the voice which speaks for the truth of their connection.  My spiritual work began in Barcelona, Spain where I lived for eleven years, after which time I was ordained in the Twin Cities. I officiate wedding ceremonies in English, Spanish and Italian.

I also offer premarital sessions for couples interested in exploring deeper communication and developing sound conflict resolution skills. I have a private practice in holistic mental health and integrative wellness, which I love because attending to each person's unique life journey implies a sacred sort of trust. Helping couples gain skills to better attend to their life journey together--to aid in communication and connection through conflict--is also a translation of love between people.

Thank you to all the couples who have trusted me with communicating the language of your love on your special day!


Leslie Ball


wedding officiant

When we meet, I’ll ask you to tell me about your life - what brought you to each other, and what led the two of you to this adventure.

I look forward to hearing your story. 

My education earned an MFA from NYU and a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary, and I am certified to offer premarital counseling.  I am also a certified yoga instructor, specializing in restorative healing to treat depression, anxiety and stress.  I’ve spent much of my life working as an artist, activist and educator - and those passions deeply inform my approach as your wedding officiant. My personal spiritual journey includes decades of grateful recovery in the 12-step community, over a decade leading worship in a variety of faith settings, and several years leading classes and retreats.

I can offer you wisdom gleaned from all these paths I’ve traveled. My personal experience as a bride will inevitably bring insight, empathy, and lessons learned to our meetings. My history in the arts can help us design a ceremony that celebrates your love, reflects your authentic selves, inviting everyone present to participate in a meaningful, memorable way. My training as a spiritual leader can serve us as we collaborate to create serenity, joy and mindfulness in all we do.

I’d be honored to travel this path with you. In our time together we will probably laugh a lot, possibly weep a bit, and hopefully learn, grow, and deepen in countless ways. I look forward to all of it!

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wedding officiant

I am a spiritual humanist with an emphasis in  comparative theology.  I have had the great privilege of officiating for so many couples in unique and personalized ceremonies that have brought together many different perspectives and traditions.

A large part of my interest in attending a deeply ecumenical seminary was my desire to create bridges between faith traditions and communities. I am especially interested in creating ceremonial language for those who choose to celebrate and express a sense of life, love, spirit, and connection, outside of a defined faith tradition.

One of the simplest, but perhaps most profound, discoveries that at seminary, and certainly in life, is that the greatest common denominator between religions...and non-religious spiritual disciplines is this: that the deepest and truest language of the language of Love.  There are so many beautifully varied expressions of this language.  For some people there are tangible metaphors found in the power of nature or in the vast universe that encompasses life, for others it lies within the relationships which surround them; some may speak in a humanist way, and others in a more spiritual manner, but all speak to the power of that which is celebrated in their love for one another...and for those, like yourselves, who are their wish to be married!

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