Custom Ceremonies by Positively Charmed

Let me tell your story, as it's meant to be!

sharing your story your unity in community...

remaining True to your spiritual sensibilities

setting the tone that suits your personalities

creating the celebration that honors your love!

more than a decade of creating custom wedding ceremonies

your wedding ceremony!

making an appointment is me for a scheduling link!

I can promise that our process of creating your ceremony

is joyful, romantic & filled with delightfully insightful moments!

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I have an extensive background in fine arts, theater and events.  You will discover the importance of this experience when I assist in guiding you through decisions and details about your day that make all the difference! My services are all inclusive and assure the best of care and calm on your wedding day!  (read more...)

Your ceremony will set the tone for your whole day and night of celebration so you get to decide about exactly the sort of tone you want to set! You can be sure that I will take the time to understand just how you would like your ceremony to feel for the two of you and your guests too.

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The majority of the couples I work with do not belong to a religious congregation.  Many may have been brought up with a particular denomination but they have chosen not to follow in the footsteps of the faith tradition.  We can work together to find the perfect language the bridges spiritual sensibilities. (read more...)

The perfect wedding ceremony which symbolizes your love
is the beginning of a great celebration, it marks a new phase of life that you will continue to create together for years to come. Your ceremony can reflect your story, the moment of "I Do." and aspirations for the future too. 
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Services Offered...

Custom Marriage Ceremonies, Premarital preparation courses,

Civil signatures, elopements

& ceremony Decor

All of the information you need on fees and process is found ...on the Custom Ceremonies & Fees page!

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