vintage brass candlestick tabletop w Hurricanes
with mercury votives & faux greenery

next up! let's look at some on-site decor options!

​the decor options in these images have been selected to beautifully coordinate with the space & furnishings

any selection chosen would be used throughout the space...on the tabletops/mantel/bar/buffet/lounge areas

selections inlclude: Brass terrariums | tuscan lanterns | brass candlesticks ALl selections inlcude mercury votives

Mantel is designed with or without faux greenery...fresh greenery can be used for a small additional fee

mantel piece options inlcude: vintage tin ceiling | half moon screen | trio of Gold mirrors | leaded Glass Window
all candles must be enclosed in glass unless coordination is on site & prior agreements have been made

collections shown below have many more pieces...these images show just part of each collection!

long wooden harvest table seats 18

vintage brass candlestick w vintage dishware set
with mercury votives & faux greenery candles without hurricanes are only available with on site coordination due to fire

other helpful details!

1. Pre-pack your coolers!! It is not fun to be on site trying to unbox and sort/pack beverages and then ice them. You'll be moving in and setting up and most people feel just a bit of stress at that point. Rolling in with pre-packed coolers will be a huge contributor to your feeling calm, excited, and ready to go with your event!

2. you'll be using the tables in the L shape by the front door for your food, the middle table under the clock for desserts, photos/extra space, etc. and the kitchenette area for beverage service . I have been in events for a long time and know that this default set up is the best way to use the space and have a nice flow of your event! 💜

3. Bring a playlist! Most people bring a device to stream a playlist and a Bluetooth speaker. Consider having someone else manage the tech for's great to have someone who can handle this detail while you tend to other things...  Wifi info is posted inside the studio.

4. Bring ziplocks to to-go containers for left over food items. You can either take it yourself or invite guests to take food with them. It's just an overlooked detail. :)

I have a couple of sets of wheels for when you arrive to load in. The hallway from the elevator is a long one.  I recommend that you pull up to the door and load your items into the inside of the building and then go park your car. That way you're not loading across the parking lot. Then, once you're inside you can relay down your items to the space. You can text or call upon arrival and I will bring the wheels up.

Charmed! Events Studio | Arrival & Parking Info 2836 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55408 | Cell: 612.382.2960

If you are heading south on Lyndale and miss the turn into the parking lot simply keep going to 29th Street, take a right and then take a right again on Aldrich Ave…enter lot on west side.

Parking: There is a billboard which divides the lot in half.

NO parking in the East half of the parking lot facing Lyndale Ave…it belongs to the restaurant!

Please be sure to park in the west / Aldrich Ave side behind the billboard (yellow arrow) to avoid being towed. 

On the outside chance the Aldrich side of the lot is full
there is a city owned pay-parking in the next lot for the building north of us or street parking is available. (white arrow)

The building entrance has a black awning and is in the correct side of the lot. You can take the stairs down or the elevator to “GL” Greenway Level. Then take a left down the long corridor, ALL the way past “Yoga Mpls” and at the end of the corridor, you take a right and there is the Charmed! Events Studio Entrance! 

classroom/concert audience setting

what's the bottom line?!

​the decor options shown are designed to be easy, beautiful, and cost effective!
Any of the above decor collections have a flat add-on fee of $225/$275 which includes all table tops 
 it also includes fireplace Mantle as well as incidentals like hi-top tables/coffee tables/buffet & dessert / welcome table

Vintage dinnerware sets (plate/silverware/cloth napkin/green water glass) are $7 per person  (only available with coordination)
Champagne and/or stemless wine glasses are $2 each
Vintage tin trays & Wooden riser box buffet set is $55  assorted Cake plates are $5 each 


brass terrarium collection
​pictured with vintage leaded glass

Congratulations on your upcoming event!
we are here to assist, as much or as little as you wish, to make your event a success!

charmed Events studio planning...

let's collaborate on creating a great setting for your event!

options here include examples of floorplans & on-site decor / on-site coordination is also available! 

**affordable value of onsite coordination increases the calm and enjoyment of your event!** 
 decor can be provided by positively charmed and has been curated especially for charmed event studio
set up & take down is included in the add-on cost which saves you the cost of added rental time needed for diy decor

Five table w central lounge

sweetheart surround setting
sweetheart table can be set for 6

the studio rental includes the following furnishings which are pictured in these floorplans:

(2) 6' / (1) 7' / (1) 4' wooden/hairpin leg tables 

(2) 5' wooden tables 


(2) linen & wood dining chairs & (2) wicker dining chairs

(4) 6' folding tables with black floorlength linens 

black sofa | (2) black loveseats | (2) lounge chairs (mid century style) 
(2) modern woven lounge chairs & (2) coffee tables

2 hi-top tables w 6 stools

the 6' tables seat either 6 or 8 guests
outdoor black wrought iron  furnishings = 2 tables & 10 chairs

There are typically 2 6' tables SET UP in AN L-SHAPE IN the corner by the entry for buffet SERVICE, THE 5' TABLE IN BETWEEN DECOR & DISHES IS OFTEN USED FOR DESSERTS, photos, or other details

if you choose a five table set up three of the tables are wood with hairpin legs and two of those tables will have black linens

please note: the furnishings noted along the walls of the studio are permanently in place (dish shelf/decor shelf/mirror/mantel/white shelves)

brass terrarium tabletop example
​with mercury votives & faux greenery

three table w central lounge

tuscan lantern tabletop example
with mercury votives & faux greenery

first up! let's consider your floorplan!

​the studio can accomodate 2-34 for a fully seated meal and 2-50 for a mixed mingling partially seated style event
 below you will see floorplans for fully seated brunch/lunch/dinners,
mixed-mingling cocktail style events with partial seating/cocktail tables & lounges,

workshops/classes/meetings/concernts with audience STYLE seating
petite Audience style seating with lounges and tables IS ALSO available for intimate receptions 

vintage dishware collection: mid century handpainted plates   silverplated place settings linen napkin & green goblets
champagne & wine glasses also available
​ only available with onsite coordination

three table w Fireplace lounge setting

tuscan lantern collection
pictured with half moon screen

Vintage Brass candlestick collection
pictured with gold mirror trio

but champagne & wine glasses are also available
You can add on glassware a'la carte at $2 each

Positively Charmed Custom Wedding Ceremonies

mid-century modern dishware collection includes  handpainted dinner plates, vintage silverware and green glassware 
Can only be rented when onsite coordination is booked

                   creating , orchestrating & officiating amazing marriage ceremonies &COORDINATION OF MICRO WEDDINGS